Nothingman is an alternative rock band established in 2018. The group combines earthy vocals, and rhythmic guitar with a solid drum and bass-heavy backing.

The lyrics, and music conjure imagery of loss, strife, hope, redemption, and reflection.

Their sound brings the sounds of the North, and the city together into dance-worthy tunes that will have you singing along, or at least tapping your toes through their journey of musical expression.

Nothingman has released three singles to date and are currently planning production of their first multitrack EP. 

Band members: 

Evan Pang - Guitar and vocals 

Mike Parr- Percussion

Alex Purcell - Lead guitar and backup vocals 

Ethan Tilbury - Bass, upright bass

Alex Christian - Violin, percussion 



Want to learn more about NOTHINGMAN, their music, and their tour dates? Don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Toronto, ON, Canada